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About us

GridCore is part of the Kraft Group and has been providing IT services and consulting since 2017.


We believe that our clients should be able to focus on their core business goals and planning, while we take care of developing cross-platform information and analytics software that strengthens their business.


Our company specialises in working with startups and small to medium-sized businesses, and has experience working with enterprise FinTech and education projects.

Servises we offer

Software Development & App Development,

Product Engineering & DevOps,

UI/UX Design, QA & Testing,

Web Development & AI Development,

Blockchain & Ecommerce,

Cloud Security & Security Compliance

Grow with us 



> .NET Framework / .NET Core;
> C#, JavaScript, Java, Angular, React, Java FX, Spring, NodeJS, Solidity;
> ASP.Net MVC, WinForms/WPF, Web Services SOAP/REST (Web API, ServiceStack);
> Postgresql, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, Sqlite;
> Docker, Consul, Redis, TFS CI/CD;
> MS SSIS, Talend