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Software design and development for bank credit broker

Case Study:   

Revolutionizing Credit Approval with a Bank Credit Broker Solution

Project Overview:

Our team successfully developed and launched a bank credit broker system for a client, aimed at transforming their credit services. This innovative solution has already demonstrated significant positive impacts, offering new services and attracting a broader client base.


Challenge Addressed:

The primary objective was to streamline the process of credit line approvals for consumers, particularly at the point of sale. Traditional methods, often cumbersome and time-consuming, required pre-approval and the installation of mobile applications, hindering customer experience and operational efficiency.


Innovative Solution:

Our solution is a cutting-edge bank credit broker that enables automatic approval of credit lines directly at the point of sale.

Key features of this solution include:

  • No Mobile App Requirement: Customers do not need to download any app, reducing barriers to access.

  • Rapid Processing Time: The entire approval process is completed within 15-20 minutes, significantly faster than traditional methods.

  • QR Code and Web App Integration: Customers can complete purchases using a QR code and a streamlined web application.

HR processes for a fintech company

Case Study: IT Services for a Banking Institution's HR Department

Client Description: The client is the Human Resources (HR) department of a banking institution. This department is responsible for managing the bank's workforce and ensuring efficient personnel operations.


Challenge: The HR department faced several challenges:

1. An outdated personnel record system based primarily on paper documentation.

2. Lack of employee access to information about the bank's organizational structure, management personal details, and appropriate communication methods.

3. Absence of effective tools for implementing corporate information policies, team cohesion, and monitoring the bank's image in the media and social networks.

Approach: The project was executed in two phases, each spanning two months, by a six-person team consisting of a project manager, business analyst, UX/UI designer, two developers (frontend on React web platform and backend on .Net modular platform), and a tester. The project was managed using the Scrum framework for agile project management.


Solution: The solution involved the development of a web portal with the best features.


Software for biobanking

Case study: IT services for a large medical biobank

Project overview: A system realizing a full cycle of accounting and storage of internal resources of biological samples.
Challenge Addressed: Web platform development, application architecture , design, business functionality of storage, processing, visualization, data generation from the server side of the application, building and connecting modular components as well as third party libraries.
Supported and deployed all parts of the system on the server, configuring their interaction and developing systems of rules for working with it.

Innovative Solution:

Software for biobanking includes:

Sample management throughout the sample lifecycle

Provide virtual inventory visualization to accurately locate samples in freezers

Data import/export system

Subject/patient management with metadata storage module:

a) description of the sample: type of biomaterial, quantity, collection/processing/freezing time

b) information about the patient: general (gender, age, height, weight); clinical (diagnosis according to the ICD, detailed diagnosis); diagnostic data (complete blood count, biochemical markers), treatment methods (preventive, surgical and medicinal)

An audit trail to track all user activities in the application.

Sample labeling support. The system allows you to mark biomaterial samples, storages, shelves with barcodes for faster search and identification of the object

Project module. Allows you to create projects for the selection of the necessary material for research according to specified criteria, appoint an executor, track the selection process

Sportstech solution for Karate Federation

Case Study: Innovative Automated System for Karate Tournaments

Scope of Work:

Development of an automated system for organizing and recording results of karate tournaments.

Project Timeframe:

The project was executed in two phases, each spanning 6 months.

Project Team:

The project team consisted of 6 professionals: 1 Solution Architect, 1 Angular Front-End Developer, 1 .Net Back-End Developer, 1 Business Analyst, 1 Project Manager, and 1 Quality Assurance Specialist.


The KARATE Federation faced challenges with their existing system for managing karate tournaments. The system was not only costly but also stored participant data overseas, raising concerns over data sovereignty and security.


Adopting an Agile methodology, we utilized Scrum-based iterations with 2-week sprints and daily calls to maintain a high level of collaboration and adaptability.

Project Outcomes:

First Phase:

  • Developed a client-server application facilitating the organization of karate tournaments.

  • Features included:

    • Creation of tournament brackets based on specified parameters.

    • Comprehensive tournament management capabilities.

    • Recording and saving competition results.

    • Local storage of personal data within one country, ensuring data security and compliance.

Second Phase:

  • Enhanced the application to support tameshiwari, kata, and group kata tournaments.

  • Integrated various competition systems with automatic categorization of participants.

  • Implemented functionality to import participant data from CSV files.

Economic Impact:

  • The cost of developing this custom software was equivalent to a three-year subscription fee of the previous system.

  • The key benefit lies in the localization of participant data within one country, addressing significant data security and privacy concerns.

ChatGPT for an EduTech solution

Case Study:

Development of ChatGPT for educational programs designing


Create a system that leverages Gen AI to design educational programs and study diaries;

Utilize notes from the regulationbodies, suggested literature, and traditional curriculum formats


Developed a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)application;

Created a dedicated application for study diaries;

UsedVSTO technology to integrate with Microsoft Word, allowing program creation, modification, and printing from one location



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